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Bioenergy Field Services 
  • Assessment of forese inventories including forest residue
  • Valuation of delivered bioenergy feedstocks
  • Recommendations for the optimum location of your bioenergy facility based on feedstock assessments
  • Establishment of a bioenergy feedstock procurement organization. This can include contract procurement or the training of personnel for your facility.
  • Contract production and/or delivery of forest residue
  • Design consultation on feedstock receiving facility
  • Contract operation of feedstock receiving facility.
  • Consultation on establishment of energy plantations and energy grasses
  • Contract establishment and production of energy grasses and trees
  • Business contacts with all major forest landowners in the Southeastern US>
We offer the greatest concentration of experience in the assessment, production and delivery of bioenergy feedstock. Contact us for all your feedstock needs for your bioenergy project.  
This picture is from an article that appeared in the North carolina Department of Commerce newsletter, SYNC. The full article can be viewed at:
Wood Fuel to Savannah Port 
In 2007, McCraw Energy completed a study on frest residue delivred to the Savannah port. This was part of a business plan to develop one of the world's largest woodfired power plants in Europe. This 198- page study was presented to a group of investors in London, UK in March of 2008. A sample of this report is available upon request. 
Power Company 
Currently McCraw Energy is in discussion with a large power company concerning alternative biomass fuels for one of their power plants.
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